[Chameleon] querybyshape() in layerobj and in mapobj

Julien-Samuel Lacroix jlacroix at mapgears.com
Mon Sep 17 09:59:52 EDT 2007


In your mapfile, all queryable layers can have a TOLERANCE set which 
correspond to the sensitivity of the search in pixel. For polygons the 
default TOLERANCE is 0. This mean that the shape returned must be within 
the shape. If you set a tolerance of 1 or more this may solve your 
problem. See the documentation:


vinod kumar wrote:
> Hi
> When call querybyshape fn with the layer obj and the mapobj the result 
> is same. How can i extract all the layer  that is bounded by the shape 
> file. Just i wants to extract all the layer that intersect with the 
> buffer shape i have created. Can any one suggest me the working of 
> querybyshape() function in layerobj and the mapobj
> With regard,
> Vinod V Kumar,
> System Enginner,
> WTI Advanced Technology LTD.
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