[Chameleon] Sample_ogc_wms

Buchholz, Robert Robert.Buchholz at LUA.Brandenburg.de
Wed Sep 19 11:12:00 EDT 2007

Dear list,

I have 2 problems concerning the "sample using the widgets from the ogc widget group":
1. static integration -via mapfile- of wms fails (adding to the legend works, but no visualisation of data, query?)
2. dynamic integration - via tools-> +WMS Layers->Explore WMS Layers->Servers-> i.e.: "some name" and "http./www2dmsolutions.ca/cgi-bin/mswms_gmap?" delivers error MS IE ->errors occurred! I tried several different free wms -without success!

Do I have to change some settings for Apache, Mapserver, Chameleon?
I read about some bugs?
My Environment: MS4W 1.6 with Chameleon 2.4 on Windows MS 2000 SP4

Some ideas, help, support would be very nice!

Robert Buchholz
Sachbearbeiter (Trainee)
Referat GIS-Zentrale
Seeburger Chaussee 2
Landesumweltamt Brandenburg
Mail: Robert.Buchholz at LUA.Brandenburg.de 
Internet: http://www.brandenburg.de/lua
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