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Buchholz, Robert Robert.Buchholz at LUA.Brandenburg.de
Thu Sep 20 05:08:48 EDT 2007

Hey List,

Where is the best source of information concerning the widgets?
The helpviewer is not complete and the examples presented do not show/present the functionality of the widgets (few explanation, installation routine).
i.e. ContextSelector, DownloadContext, ExtractContext, UploadSLD...
even some are missing like:
Chart Widget,CustomLegendTree

I specially search for the functionality of the sample: ogc widgets, with XMLThemeLegend:
-Is the context button to open/add a predifined arragnement of layers?
If I save a context (local) from my application I cannot reopen it (empty mainframe). It is not added to the context pulldown nenue.
-Can anybody give working/tested URLs to free WMS for dynamic integration (+WMS)for Germany to test the Explore WMS Layers with Manage Servers.
I need to know if i have a problem with my system or the service i tried are not conform to the ogc standards. Bugs? 

Thanks for help, ideas and links,

Robert Buchholz
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Mail: Robert.Buchholz at LUA.Brandenburg.de 
Internet: http://www.brandenburg.de/lua
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