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William Bronsema wbronsema at dmsolutions.ca
Fri Sep 21 09:12:42 EDT 2007


This functionality was just added in March of this year.  You will need to
be running Chameleon 2.6 RC1 to have this functionality.

Can you confirm which version you installed?

If you do get it working, what you will see is a textbox appear in which you
can supply a buffer value (in the current ground units of the map).  Since
the textbox is fairly ugly and not user friendly I typically leave the
buffer setting to false which makes the textbox a hidden element and use my
own input with javascript to programmatically set the buffer value.

Hope that helps.


William Bronsema
Senior Applications Specialist
DM Solutions Group Inc.


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Dear List, hey Wiliam,

adding the
buffer ="true" to the sample_ogc.html to the ROIFeatureTool widget result in
my application in:
-Error Report-> Warning(s)->Warning: following attributes are invalid for a
roifeaturetool widget: BUFFER.
-I imagened to find a button to press...opening another window...asking for
bufferdistance, feature to buffer.

I do have set one layer active.

Some help would be very nice,

Hi Vinod,


Do you have a LegendTemplate widget that sets the active layer?


Please be sure to include the Chameleon mailing list when you ask or reply
to a question, other people might have a similar issue or know the solution.






William Bronsema

Senior Applications Specialist

DM Solutions Group Inc.





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Hi William,


Sorry to disturbu you again. Once I clicK the ROI button and click over the
map I get a Blured cross image on the right top corner and I am not able to
do buffer functionality. plz help me out. Thanks in advance




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Hi Vinod,


Just add the ROIFeatureTool widget to your template, it should look
something like this:


                    <cwc2 type="ROIFeatureTool"




                        imagetip="Define an ROI by feature"



                      <image state="normal"/>

                      <image state="selected"/>

                      <image state="hover"/>



Note the "buffer" parameter.  If this is set to true then a textbox will be
visible beside the button., if false, then the textbox will be hidden.  The
textbox id is called "featureBuffer" so you can use javascript to set it if
it is hidden.  This textbox is the buffer amount you wish to use in your
feature ROI selection.  It is is the same units as your mapfile.  I.e. if
your map is in metres then entering 5000 in this textbox would set a feature
buffer size of 5000 metres.


This widget works with Chameleon's concept of the "active layer".  The
active layer is the layer in the mapfile that will be queried in order to
create a feature ROI with the supplied buffer. The active layer is usually
set through the LegendTemplate widget.  Checkout the Chameleon samples to
see how this is implemented.


Hope this helps.




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