[Chameleon] ExtractWFSData

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Mon Jan 7 15:01:34 EST 2008

Jonathan Voss wrote:

> No, the error says, "Unable to create Shape file. It is most likely 
> that no features were found for this layer in the current region." 
> After that, it asks me what I want the output file to be named again. 
> Clicking the Extract button will then give me a GML file.
> I tried downloading a new Windows version of the php_ogr library from 
> here: http://dl1.maptools.org/dl/php_ogr/. It doesn't seem to work 
> either. In fact, I think the entire widget stopped working when I 
> tried it.


I suggest that you do it manually and follows the way the widget works.  
First the features are downloaded in GML format and then they are 
converted in shape file format using the php_ogr library.

You can get the URL request by printing szURL in getGML in the 
chameleon/htdocs/widgets/LayerAttributes.php file.  You can check if 
there are any features and save them in a file.   Then you can call the 
ogr2ogr function  through a PHP script on you GML file (e.g.:  
ogr2ogr(myGMLfile, output.shp, "ESRI Shapefile").  The ogr2ogr.php 
script can be found in chameleon/htdocs/common/ogr.

This is just an idea on how it could be tested.


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