[Chameleon] Map refresh slower at bigger scale - Update Map without submit

Federica De Martin federica.demartin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 8 12:30:24 EDT 2008

Thank you Normand,
I downloaded the last version of chameleon with cvs but I haven't found any
difference with the files in chameleon 2.6 rc1, in the three files I
modified. Can you suggest me the other files that need to be changed? ...
because I don't want to update directly all the application...


2008/10/8 Normand Savard <nsavard at mapgears.com>

> Federica De Martin wrote:
>> Thank you Normand, for the help with UpdateMap widget; I had to change
>> some
>> part of the functions, because I use Xml Legend but now everything works!
>> Now I was trying to get the MapSize widget working in jsapi mode. This is
>> what I've done:
>> - I replace the folder of the Mapsize widget with the one of chameleon 2.6
>> - I added in the cwcjsapi.js file the code:
>>    MAP_SIZE_CHANGED = gnLastEventId ++;
>> - I added in the UpdateMap.php the code:
>>    //change map size
>>    if (isset( $HTTP_FORM_VARS["SET_MAP_WIDTH"]) &&
>>        isset($HTTP_FORM_VARS["SET_MAP_HEIGHT"]))
>>    {
>>        include("widgets/MapSize/MapSize.widget.php");
>>        $oWidget = new MapSize();
>>        $oWidget->InitDefaults();
>>        $oWidget->SetMap($oMapSession);
>>        $oWidget->SetURL($oHttpFormVars, $HTTP_FORM_VARS);
>>        $_SESSION["gszCurrentState"] = $oMapSession->saveState();
>>    }
>> I thougt that this changes were enough but if I use the map size widget
>> the
>> map keeps on loading and I have to restart the application;
>> Do you know if there are other files that has to be changed to make the
>> MapSize (jsapi mode) work?
> Federica,
> I suggest to use the latest version of Chameleon and this is the one in
> CVS.  There are a number of fixes that don't appear in the tarball 2.6.
>  See:
> http://chameleon.maptools.org/index.phtml?page=cvs.html
> Norm
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