[Chameleon] CwcImage_0 when upgrading to Chameleon 2.6

Normand Savard nsavard at mapgears.com
Wed Sep 3 10:34:03 EDT 2008

john lace wrote:
> Dear Jeff and Justin:
> Ms4w 2.2.9 solved the problem on windows ms4w.   Now I have buttons.  
> But the problem with linux seems even darker.   Is this a problem caused by a newer version of a program, that I need to update?  A configuration that changed in apache for the newer ms4w?    
> I have three linux boxes, two with php4, one with php5, First two are centOS4, the other is CentOS 5.   All have MapServer 5.   All work with chameleon2.4,  none does for chameleon 2.6.  

Maybe it could help if you install Chameleon with fgs 1.0.0 on 
maptools.org.  You will then be able to compare your installation with 
the fgs one and do the necessary corrections.


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