[Chameleon] Map refresh slower at bigger scale

Federica De Martin federica.demartin at gmail.com
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Hi Julien,
thank you for the fast answer. What do you mean with  'optimize your data'?
I'm trying to aggregate some feature in a layer, where it is possible, but
I've got many data that I can't modify...


2008/9/30 <jlacroix at mapgears.com>

> Hi,
> It's a matter of data optimization. I suggest you to try to optimize your
> data and mapfile before continuing with Chameleon. The MapServer
> mailing-list will be the right place to ask question about that.
> Julien
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> Hi,
> I've got a Chameleon application that takes data from a big Postgis
> database
> (a dump of 300MB). My problem is that the refresh of the map takes much
> more
> time when I am at a bigger scale. For example with the same layer
> activated:
> -if I am at scale 1:100.000  and I zoom to scale 1:5.000 the refresh takes
> more or less 10 seconds
> -if I am at scale 1:5.000  and I zoom to scale 1:1.000 the refresh takes
> around 30 or more seconds (it depends on the number of object in the area)
> What I would like to understand is why there is so much difference in the
> drawing time of this two maps. Why is the second dwawing time greater then
> the first drawing time? I was expecting exactly the contrary, is it normal
> or is there something wrong in my mapfile or somewhere else?
> Do you know what I can check to solve this problem? And can you suggest me
> how I can make my application faster?
> Thank you all in advance.
> Federica
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