[Chameleon] variable sustitution

Alejandro Narvaez agnarvaez at gmail.com
Sat Feb 20 08:09:25 EST 2010

I am trying to use variable substitution with chameleon, but I have not
achieved that it works.
Someone might indicate how to do that.

In mapfile I introduce this sentences

DATA "select * from localidad inner join base on
localidad.localidad=base.localidad where base.pack='%pack%'"

and, into de index.html, theese

$oApp->CWCInitialize( $szTemplate, $szMapFile, $szContext  );
*$oLayer = $oApp->moMapSession->oMap->getLayerByName('layer name');*
*$oApp->setVar('pack', 'variable value' );*


Alejandro Narváez
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