[Chameleon] Query single Layer

Andreas Douvalis anddreas2 at yahoo.gr
Fri Jul 2 02:47:42 EST 2010

Hi. I want to use query tool for one or two layers instead of all.
In  drawmap.php I found this:
gszQueryLayers : string
                           Comma delimited string of layer indexes to query.
                          If not supplied and a query is called for then all
                           visible layers will be queried.
Then I add  : "&gszQueryLayers=" + '36'   in Query.widget.php at line 406 to observe if something changes:
 if ({$szHighlightResults})
        var img = CWCDHTML_GetImage( 'MapLayerDivImg' );
        img.src = gMapDHTMLURL + "&run_query=1&gszQueryCoords=" + szCoord + "&gszPersistentQuery={$szPersistentResults}" + "&gszQueryLayers=" + '36';
36 is the layer_index of one of my layers.
Hovever there is no change;
How can I take advance of  &gszQueryLayers string?
How can I query one single layer (selected layer for example)?

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