[Chameleon] ROIPGDigitize widget

Julien-Samuel Lacroix jlacroix at mapgears.com
Fri Jun 11 09:30:28 EST 2010


Please always use the mailing-list to ask questions.

It's not really complicated if I recall correctly.

You must have 3 tables in your postgis DB: one for the points, one for 
the lines and one for the polygons. When you configure your 
ROIPGDigitize widget you specify the three tables in your widget.

<CWC2 TYPE="ROIPGDigitize" Visible="true" styleresource="NavButtons" 
image="images/icon_pgadd.png" imagetip="Digitize ROI" Layer="ROI" 
Table="table_poly" LineTable="table_line" PointTable="table_point">
           <MoreColumns Field="id" URL="id_field_in_url"/>
           <MoreColumns Field="field1" URL="field1_in_url"/>
           <MoreColumns Field="field2" URL="field2_in_url"/>
           <image state="normal"/>
           <image state="selected"/>
           <image state="hover"/>

The MoreColumns elements are use to add more fields in your record when 
you digitize a ROI. They field value are read from the URL. Simply make 
sure you have an html element containing those.

Other than that, simply use the chameleon ROI sample and add the 
ROIPGManager (copy the ROIManager).

Best regards,

Andreas Douvalis wrote:
> Hi
> Could you help me please a bit with ROIPGDigitize widget. There is no 
> any help in NET.
> 1. What is the difference between TABLE attribute and POINTTABLE attribute?
> 2. What about MORECOLUMNS? Is this Metadata of layer of map file?
>      The syntax is like this?:
>                   MORECOLUMNS "FIELD1, FIELD2,…"
>      END
> 3. What is ROIPGManager. Is necessary for the ROIPGDigitize widget?
> Sorry if bother you.
> Thanks in advance

Julien-Samuel Lacroix

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