[Chameleon] Hide/show MapDHTML

Andreas Douvalis anddreas2 at yahoo.gr
Fri Mar 12 03:29:38 EST 2010

Hi !
Is it possible to change Mapdhtml visible attribute ( from false to true for example)??
I tried the above functions but I still have the map in my page. 
<div id="MainMapLayer" name="MainMapLayer">
<!-- MapDHTML -->
<cwc2 type="MapDHTML" visible="true" width="1000" height="600" allowresize="true" marqueecolor="FF3333" marqueewidth="2" minscale="1" bordercolor="#0000ff" borderwidth="0"/>
<script language=javascript type='text/javascript'>
function hidemapDHTML()
function showmapDHTML()
<a href="javascript: hidemapDHTML();">hide div</a> 
<a href="javascript:showmapDHTML();">show div</a> 

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