[Chameleon] ExtractData widget readfile connection refused on localhost

Jeff Hamm jeff at geoprism.ca
Tue Sep 28 22:03:12 EST 2010

Dear list,

When using an ExtractWFSData widget with Chameleon2.6/MapServer5.6/PHP5.3 I am having a problem with a
readfile($szURL) which results in a connection refused error when $szURL is on the local domain. 

- php.ini setting for allow_url_fopen = On
-  file to be downloaded resides in the /tmp/img web_path 
- using the URL directly in the browser will download the file, 
- readfile($szFileName) will work on the local filesystem, but 
- a URL such as readfile(http://localhost/tmp/img/filename) fails.
I tried using Curl instead, but hit the same wall.

Is there a workaround? Is it a config issue? 

My last broken widget, so I hope someone can help me out :)

Jeff Hamm

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