[Chameleon] Error rendering map image

Fernando Sánchez García i82sagaf at uco.es
Wed May 2 05:45:58 EST 2012

Hi, I know this list is not very active, but I have to ask for help.  
Some years ago I developed a gis with apache + php + mapserver +  
postgresql + postgis + chameleon. I had two systems: one in Windows XP  
32bit and the other with Ubuntu Server 9.10 32bit. I upgraded to  
v3.0.2 MS4W with (MapServer 5.6.6, PHP 5.3.6, Apache 2.2.17 with  
OpenSSL 0.9.8o) with Chameleon 2.6rc, PostgreSQL 9 and PostGIS 1.5 on  
windows and have installed on the server a Ubuntu Server 11.10 64bit  
with Mapserver 5.6.6, PHP 5.3.6-13, Apache 2.2.20, Chameleon 2.6rc,  
PostgreSQL 9 and PostGIS 1.5.
In windows everything works fine without any error, but in linux all  
the gis works well except the generation of map images. Chameleon  
gives me the following error:

"Error rendering map image:
A fatal error has occurred restoring your session.
Please restart the application ".

This error does not always appear. Sometimes that happens when  
mapserver-chameleon loads the image and sometimes when I use the  
widget "LocateByAttribute" and other times with the widget  
"ClearQuery" that I once sent Dejan Gambin to clear the search  

I located the file that launches "drawmap.php" the error message on line 1493:

"imagestring ($ oImage, 3, $ x, $ y, "Error rendering map image", $  
nRed) and in line 372 -> error_image ("A fatal error has occurred  
restoring your session. \ nPlease restart the application.")"

possibly because it meets the conditional $ oMapSession-> omap == null

I don't understand very well that happens and because it happens occasionally.
I have tried several web browsers: IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc, and have  
even installed all the gis in Ubuntu 11.10 32-bit and error occurs.

I installed the software "HttpWatch" (net monitoring) to see the  
operation and if I repeat for example the following sequence:
1. Press "LocateByAttribute"
2. Find an item.
3. Clear search with "ClearQuery".
The error occurs and this is what HttWactch shows me: (image is displayed  
correctly) (loaded  
correctly) (loaded correctly and on the Content show-> "<html><body onload="p=document.layers?parentLayer:window.parent;p.goCWCJSAPI.ResourceLoaded();;p.goCWCJSAPI.CheckCallStack()";><form>  
<input type='hidden' name='NB_RESOURCE' value='0'/>
(ERROR: "Error rendering map image:");

Please can anyone help? Thanks.

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