[Chameleon] PanMap and ZoomIn errors in Chrome and IE 10

Fernando Sánchez García nando_gcia at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 28 04:04:27 EST 2013

Hello again, I'm Fernando Sanchez, worker Graphic Engineering Department
 of the University of Cordoba (Spain). This list is not active for a 
long time but a few years ago we developed a website with MapServer, 
Chameleon 2.6rc and PostGIS. The entire project is working properly but due to
 browser updates are a couple of widgets that are functionally wrong and
 we would need your help. I know we have recommended the use of other 
existing software but currently it is not easy. Probably erroes are easy
 to fix but not sure.

Error 1: The widget ZoomIn with Internet Explorer 10 works well but does
 not show the red rectangle selection when clicking with the mouse. 
Instead the whole map turns red and then updated correctly.

I could only find it in the file ZoomIn.widget.php:

(line 54) $ this-> mnAllowRectangle = 1;

Setting the value to 0, only zoom to point but the widget loses a lot of functionality.

How can you correct this error?

Error 2: The widget PANMAP with the latest Chrome (27) does not allow drag.

I think that this malfunction is browser problem and it may be impossible to correct.

Can you do something in the code to fix it?

We'd pleases help, suggestions or solution.

Fernando Sánchez


University of Córdoba, Spain

Department of Graphical Engineering
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