[FGS] Re: [Freegis-list] Re: [postgis-users] FOSS GIS suite project? (was Mandrake GIS)

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Jun 17 18:28:33 EDT 2004

Jean-Denis Giguere wrote:
 > If this is a good idea for windows systems which don't come by default
 > with the system. I'm not sure that many sysadmin will appreciate to have
 > to apache, tho php-lib, ...
 > On Mandrake and Debian, it could be relatively simple to create package
 > repository and apt-get or urpmi can deal with the dependancies.


I would just note, that it is an objective of the project (in my mind) to
be distribution agnostic.   Not depending on any particular packaging system
nor being tied to a particular OS rev (though there will have to be
restrictions based on GLIBC version for instance).

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