[FGS] Status / httpd / etc

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Tue Sep 21 12:07:37 EDT 2004

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> I must admit that at this point I am inclined to just go back to release
> OpenEV_FW linux releases and leave broader packaging to others.  I don't
> want to  be the trouble maker that just makes life difficult for everyone.
> I think that the goals of most folks interested in FGS are broader than
> mine and that is causing some problems.  For instance, for simplicity and
> consistency I would prefer we only build FGS on maxine for linux.
> For now, I'll let you folks continue on and once things settle down a bit
> perhaps I can help flesh out the GDAL package to include as many options
> as are practical.

Well, our intention was definitely not to scare you away. We're just 
trying to solve the same complicated problem as everybody else on this 
list. Perhaps we're pushing it a little bit further to address some 
limitations of the inital approach but I hope that this wouldn't prevent 
anyone from participating. If anyone leaves or should be considered a 
trouble-maker, that should be us, not you.

Maybe there is just a misunderstanding with our approach since what 
we've done should just make it easier for you to build new releases of 
an OpenEV_FW Linux application package that you distribute on your side, 
while we (DMSG) can distribute a MapServer application package that is 
compatible with yours, and anybody else can distribute their own 
application package that can all work together under the same FGS 
install tree.

I think Guillaume has already setup scripts for most packages that were 
in the original Base, so all we should need is perhaps to fixup a few 
packages from the original base that may still be missing, create one 
for OpenEV if there is not one yet, and then create a virtual OpenEV_FW 
package dependency list that includes everything that you want to 
include in your distribution.

That's the theory, of course, but that works for MapServer already. 
Let's see if Guillaume can reproduce your OpenEV_FW package with his 
stuff, that will be the real test.

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