[FGS] createlang prob

DR Arch. Tullio Calosci tullio.calosci at taed.unifi.it
Fri Apr 29 07:04:34 EDT 2005

> The FGS PostgreSQL is very new. With users feedback it will become more
> robust.
> Can you send me the modification you did ?
> Guillaume

on install.sh file i made 1 change:
-on line 89 the 'if' return '1', but the comparison operator (-ne) execute
the  instruction below (why???) - I changed '1' to '0', but it's not
-the line 97 the command 'initdb' doesn't works, because it haven't the
'r' permission for the other users. I made a chmod 755 change to bin dir
for all postgresql command...and the data dir is not empty.

now i got another error: after your previous help, I tried to execute:
'psql -f postgis.sql -d test'
but it doesn't works!
this sound are, for me, a lib reference absent...i think it find a
postgres lib... (like libqa.so)

sorry for my terrible english


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