[FGS] FGS Install Quirks

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Jan 24 13:26:57 EST 2005


I tried the 1.0.0 FGS install image from:


It seemed to work pretty well.  A few messages during the install (eg, a missing
favicon file).

A few notes:

  o Can you provide a C shell environment setup script as well as the bourne
    shell setenv.sh?

  o The install includes python scripts like gdal2xyz.py but it does not include
    python so if I run the scripts I get error messages about mismatched python
    versions.  Is it prudent to distribute builds of python stuff without some
    assurance that a compatible python will be available?

  o In the past installation of FGS seemed to involve lots of packaged fetched
    one at a time.  But the FGS page at http://www.maptools.org/fgs/ does not
    seem to discuss package repositories or anything like that.  Are they still
    available?  Are there optional packages not in the fgs-gmap-demo .bin?

  o The package I got did not seem to have developer stuff installed.  Is there
    an interest in having fgs include developer packages (with include files and
    so forth)?

  o I noticed that there was a libgd.a distributed. Is there much point in that
    in a binary-only distribution?

Overall though, a very nice job.  It seems to capture all the required support
files, and setup the environment well.  These are areas often botched by
distribution makers.

Best regards,
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