RV: [FGS] install in server HP AMD with 64 bits

Dante Fuster dfuster at repsat.com
Thu Jun 2 10:11:46 EDT 2005

The installation is  in a servant HP with processor AMD of 64 bits, with
REDHAT LINUX  4 of 64 bits.  

The installation goes taking form, when FGS settles it generates its own
environment, and when executing you paginate php or later on, to load
the module php_mapscript, library of 32 bits are used (the installation
of the Linux is of 64 Bits),  they generate the errors (not found), the
solution that I am use is to copy the library of 32 bits in the
environment FGS (/ opt/fgs/lib) . At the moment is executing PHP
correctly, but its  gives me an error in the load of php_mapscript.so
(not  found the library libgcc_s.so.1), I assume that I to be copy  to
the directory of FGS, I wait that it is this way, if somebody can
confirm me or to tell me another solution type, I will already be


(Sorry for my English)




Dante  Fuster

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