RV: RV: [FGS] install in server HP AMD with 64 bits

Dante Fuster dfuster at repsat.com
Tue Jun 7 14:32:06 EDT 2005



I am working with mapserver and php_mapscript for 2 years ago, generally
in environment Windows and using my libraries in PHP to facilitate
processes, and IIS 5 or more. Recently install using FGS (facilitated
the installation a lot) in Linux RedHat 4 of 64 bits, i need  to copy
some libraries of 32 bits manually, for the operation of PHP and
php_mapscript, and work correctly. The problem that I have is when I
connect from a PC Windows with IE, to the page, to the moment to show
the APPLET show the message (of java) requesting user and password,
could somebody tell me for that can be happening?, the server is APACHE
(not restriccions).      


Dante Fuster

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