[FGS] Packaging Ruby Mapscript...

Nikos nicolas at maich.gr
Thu Apr 6 02:45:47 EDT 2006

Robert Thau wrote:

>Hi.  Does anyone have advice for packaging something including Ruby
>Mapscript as an FGS module?  I'm running into library compatibility
>problems.  In particular, I have a test module which works on some

>I'd like to avoid asking users to install new C++ libs --- though,
>from recent conversation on this list, it may not be possible.
Any advice?

Maybe a static link of libstdc++  ???



>Thanks in advance,
>Robert Thau
>rst at alum.mit.edu
>[*] For the technically curious: this is inline SVG in Firefox, and
>    VML in IE; part of the package is libraries which render these
>    graphics in whatever format the JS feature-detects think the
>    browser can handle.  The displayed polygons are being simplified
>    to screen resolution (PostGIS "simplify" function); clicking on
>    them pulls up further explanatory text from the database.
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