[FGS] Packaging Ruby Mapscript...

Guillaume Dallaire gdallaire at mapgears.com
Fri Apr 7 10:54:55 EDT 2006

Robert Thau wrote:
> Hi.  Does anyone have advice for packaging something including Ruby
> Mapscript as an FGS module?  I'm running into library compatibility
> problems.  In particular, I have a test module which works on some
> Linux systems (SuSE 10, Fedora Core 4), but not others (Debian Sarge,
> FC3).  I'd ideally like to be able to build a module that works
> everywhere; failing that, I'd appreciate any suggestions anyone may
> have on how to ease the pain.
> In case it helps, here's the current module (which just might work for you!):
>   http://ivygis.justec.co.in/files/fgs-ivygis_demo-0.0.6-linux-i386.tar.gz
> The package could be briefly described as "Mapserver and PostGIS on
> Rails" --- if you'd like a demo, try 
Hi Robert,

I currently use Debian Sarge to build all fgs modules. This platform 
uses libstdc++ from gcc 3.3.5. Fedora Core 4 uses a more recent gcc and 
libstcd++ version, this is why people installing FGS on Fedora need to 
install compat-libstdc++.

I just created a new module containing all libstdc++ dependencies for FGS.
For Ruby Mapscript, I think the best way to produce fully portable FGS 
modules would be to create a build script for Ruby in fgs-dev (like any 
other FGS modules). Then, I could use it to build Ruby Mapscript 
distribution modules from my build system and make it available to 
others FGS users.

You can checkout the fgs-dev environment via CVS, see:



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