[FGS] Ka-map 0.2 module for FGS

Guillaume Dallaire gdallaire at mapgears.com
Fri Mar 24 08:20:58 EST 2006

On Thu, 2006-03-23 at 05:57 -0800, joanvp wrote:
> Is there planned any kamap-base:0.2 module for FGS?

Yes, I built it this morning.

To install it:

[install GMAP-DEMO to have a working example]
$ fgs install gmap-demo:1.0.0 http://www.maptools.org/dl/fgs/modules/0.2

$ fgs install kamap-base:0.2 http://www.maptools.org/dl/fgs/modules/0.2

Then you should see the demo : http://_your_server_address_/kamap/


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