[FGS] Missing Libraries

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Sat Jun 30 11:14:43 EDT 2007


A correspondant of mine is trying to run FGS on a modern Fedora of some sort
and finds he is missing a bunch of libraries, including:

libz.so.1  (this is found in /usr/lib/ but the error here is "wrong ELF

I gather he has eventually got things running by pulling these from other
places, such as FWTools.

If we want FGS to run on a wide variety of intel linux system should we try
and provide a mechanism to provide "backup copies" of these libraries when
the system doesn't have them?

I'm interested in helping with FGS and would be willing to work on this issue.
Amoung other things, I'd like to be able to recommend FGS as the "standard
source" for GDAL.

Best regards,
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