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Daniel Muñoz Castro danmuc at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 11:31:10 EST 2007


I have did that you told me, I tryed many ways

   - CONFIG "PROJ_LIB" "/opt/fgs/lib/libproj.so
   - CONFIG "PROJ_LIB" "/opt/fgs/lib/libproj
   - CONFIG "PROJ_LIB" "/opt/fgs/lib/proj
   - CONFIG "PROJ_LIB" "/opt/fgs/lib/"
   - CONFIG "PROJ_LIB" "/opt/fgs/lib"

but this error persist:

*Warning*: [MapServer Error]: msProcessProjection(): no system list, errno:
20 in */opt/fgs/apps/chameleon-2.4.1/htdocs/common/wrapper/map_session.php*on

*Warning*: Failed to open map file
in */opt/fgs/apps/chameleon-2.4.1/htdocs/common/wrapper/map_session.php* on
line *215*

*Fatal error*: Call to a member function on a non-object in *
/htdocs/widgets/KeyMapDHTML/KeyMapDHTML.widget.php* on line *115**

*The name in red change some times to 2

I'm working whit the samples but these don't want work for me.



Daniel Muñoz Castro
Ingeniero Catastral y Geodesta
Cel. 300 2174698
Casa. 4095990
Oficina. 2514621
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