[FGS] Installation troubles: "Permission denied"

Joe Nannery joealan at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 17 12:27:41 EDT 2008

Thank you guys for the response.  Mktemp is not on my linux server (actually, neither is dpkg), I am actually having difficulties getting it compiled...so if anyone has mktemp precompiled for linux that might help a ton.  I would like to install this as a root.


> Hello all,
> I am working with an Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat) server, trying to host a Mapserver file on the web.  I am used to working in a windows environment and am not sure what to do to fix this error I am recieving.  I have fgs_installer.sh and fgs-mapserver_phpmapscript_4.8.2-1.2-linux-i386.bin in my main or / directory.
> * FGS - starting installation...
> fgs-mapserver_phpmapscript_4.8.2-1.2-linux-i386.bin: line 14: mktemp: command not found
> * Extracting FGS modules files...tar: option requires an argument -- C
> Try `tar --help' for more information.
> tail: write error
>  ok
> * Starting FGS installation :
> fgs-mapserver_phpmapscript_4.8.2-1.2-linux-i386.bin: line 26: cd: HOME not set
> fgs-mapserver_phpmapscript_4.8.2-1.2-linux-i386.bin: line 27: ./fgs_installer.sh: Permission denied

On which platform are you installing fgs?  Do you install it as normal 
user or as root?  In which directory do you want to install it?

mktemp doesn't seem to be installed on your system.  Test it by doing 
dpkg -l |grep mktemp


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