[FGS] install FGS under FEDORA 9

FRANK RADA frankrada at gmail.com
Thu Jul 30 15:53:51 EST 2009

Thank Frank, i'm worried about this. i prove this with ubuntu there, i
installed two instances of apache an it work fine.

2009/7/29 Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at pobox.com>:
> FRANK RADA wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I already install FGS in Ubuntu 9.04, all the things works fine, but i
>> wish install FGS under fedora, is the process to do that is the same?
>> there are any trouble with the instalation?. i do this question
>> because the server where i install this is not mine.
>> excuse me if you dont undertand my english is very basic.
> Frank,
> I am not aware of any problems on Fedora 9.  FGS is intended to be portable
> to any modern intel based linux.
> It also keeps everything fairly self contained so there should be no risk
> of affecting the wider system, nor any need for system administrator
> permissions to install things.
> Best regards,
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