[FGS] Starting apache error: httpd cannot execute binary file

Hao Zhang hao at zhang.nu
Tue Nov 10 11:12:58 EST 2009

Hi Norm,

I think I have finally resloved the problem. The root cause of the install
error is that I did not change 'i386' to 'sparc64' in
fgs-dev/pkg_def/base/skeleton/etc/fgs/lib/install.sh. There are two places
that need to be modified in this install.sh file, one is in function
get_last_module_version() and the other is in function prepare_module().
After changing these two 'i386' to 'sparc64', I erased the debug line 'echo
$fgs_package' you instructed (otherwise function get_last_module_version()
will return wrong value which causes the strange error '! Cannot find file
...' in my last email). Then I rebuilt the installer mainly fgs-base.tar.gz
will be affected. The new installer was successfully built and I managed to
install it onto target sparc64 machine.

Thank you very much for your continuous help. I really appreciate it.


On Tue, Nov 10, 2009 at 10:29 AM, Hao Zhang <hao at zhang.nu> wrote:

> Hi Norm,
> I changed the CPU variable from 'i386' to 'sparc64' and added echo line
> into fgs-dev/pkg_def/base/skeleton/etc/fgs/lib/install.sh. Then I rebuilt
> self-installer. The output of the installation execution looks like:
> Where do you want to install the FGS suite [/opt/fgs] ?
> + Extracting fgs-base.tar.gz from /tmp/fgs-selfextract.BXArCy...ok
> + Running base's installer
> + module : base
> + Running fgs install mapserver-base
> * Probing last version of module 'mapserver-base'...
> fgs-mapserver-base-5.2.1-linux-sparc64.tar.gz 5.2.1
> + Installing mapserver-base:
>   /opt/fgs/tmp/fgs-1257844994-11561.tmp+ Getting and extracting module
> 'mapserver-base'...
> ! Cannot find file
> '5.2.1/fgs-mapserver-base-fgs-mapserver-base-5.2.1-linux-sparc64.tar.gz-linux-i386.tar.gz',
> aborting...
> It seems that somewhere else is still using 'i386' and the file name shown
> in the last line '! Cannot find file ...' looks totally wrong. Please have a
> look. Thank you.
> Regards,
> Hao
> On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 4:58 PM, Normand Savard <nsavard at mapgears.com>wrote:
>> Hao Zhang wrote:
>>> Hi Norm,
>>> I did not change the CPU variable. Do you mean that I should modify
>>> install.sh file then rebuild self-installer? What output should I paste?
>>>  Yes, please.  You can paste the output of the installation execution.
>> Norm
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