[FGS] Problem download data whit CSV file button disappears.

Antonino Buonocore antonino.buonocore at gmail.com
Sun Dec 25 17:13:23 EST 2016

Dear support http://maptools.org,
on the server that is installed as OS is Centos 7 I installed itself as
apache server with FGS pmapper.
Map perfectly the only work I can export the data sought in .PDF file table
but you can not in .CSV because when I get to choose how to CSV format does
not even appear on the download button. But when I choose PDF ovvimente the
button reappears normally making me download the file correctly.
I state that I play this game with me, but supplies ms4w (of course with
the same map and the same pmapper) in the CSV file successfully appearing
quietly button.
So I think the problem is in the FGS perhaps missing some package or module
I will thank you very much if you helped me to solve the problem as it is a
serious failure for me.
You can also activate the download of excel files?
To me it would be enough to solve the problem now to be able to download
the data sought at least in CSV format.

Thanks so much.
A. Buonocore
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