[FWTools] Mapserver Install/Configuration Problems

chris.dimeo at opspatial.com chris.dimeo at opspatial.com
Thu Mar 17 12:47:39 EST 2005

Hi all-

I'm taking a first pass at using Mapserver as supplied in the latest
FWTools release (0.9.6).

After I've extracted the files, installed the package, changed the PATH
variable and copied 'mapserv' to my cgi-bin directory, I'm getting an
Internal Server Error.

I'm using a test from the MapServer CGI Tutorial where they say you can
test the webserver by typing:


This is when I get the error.  Are there any permissions settings that
need to be set or any other blatent newbie mistakes I could be making? 
Any tips on what environment variables to look at?

(x-posted with mapserver-users)


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