[FWTools] contours as polygons

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Thu Nov 10 11:46:58 EST 2005

On 11/10/05, Bryan Keith <bryan at geomega.com> wrote:
> I use gdal_contour to create contours as lines.  Does anyone know of a
> similar tool or have some code that will create polygons instead of
> lines when contouring a surface?  Each polygon would represent the area
> between n1 and n2.  I have the ConRec code and thought about writing
> this myself, but it gets complicated with donut polygons.  I bet
> someone's done this before.  Maybe there's a better mailing list for
> this question?  Thanks.


An interesting problem, but I don't know the answer.  It seems
like you should be able to use the contours, along with introduced
edged lines and feed it into a topological analyser to build
polygons.   You might want to look at GRASS to do this.

You might want to try the gislist, or freegis mailing list.  Even
gdal-dev might be worth a try.

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