[FWTools] %gdal jpeg problem

julio.morales julio.morales at inegi.gob.mx
Thu Nov 17 11:05:23 EST 2005

Hi to all:

I'm using fwtools in order to convert a bunch of images. I used 
gdal_translate to add gcp's and projection information (ccl) so I could 
reproject later with these information. But when I try to reproject with 
gdalwarp in jpeg format I've got an error:

C:\gdal_translate -a_srs "+proj=lcc +datum=grs80 +lat_1=17.5n 
+lat_2=29.5n +lat_0=12n +lon_0=102w +x_0=2500000" -a_nodata 0 -gcp 0 0 
3561589.28 317493.28 -gcp 2340 0 3558622.8 320029.02 -gcp 2340 3456 
3562426.41 324478.74 -gcp 0 3456 3565392.89 321943 Image_0324.JPG 

C:\gdalwarp -of jpeg Image_0324.tif Image_0324_ccl_2.jpg
Output driver `jpeg' not recognised or does not support
direct output file creation.  The following format drivers are configured
and support direct output:
  VRT: Virtual Raster
  GTiff: GeoTIFF
  NITF: National Imagery Transmission Format
  HFA: Erdas Imagine Images (.img)
  MEM: In Memory Raster
  BMP: MS Windows Device Independent Bitmap
  PCIDSK: PCIDSK Database File
  ILWIS: ILWIS Raster Map
  HDF4Image: HDF4 Dataset
  PNM: Portable Pixmap Format (netpbm)
  ENVI: ENVI .hdr Labelled
  EHdr: ESRI .hdr Labelled
  PAux: PCI .aux Labelled
  MFF: Atlantis MFF Raster
  MFF2: Atlantis MFF2 (HKV) Raster
  BT: VTP .bt (Binary Terrain) 1.3 Format
  IDA: Image Data and Analysis
  JP2ECW: ERMapper JPEG2000
  RMF: Raster Matrix Format

I'm working in a winxp box and using fwtools 1.0.0a6

Thanks in advanced !



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