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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Tue Dec 5 13:12:21 EST 2006

Roy Mendelssohn wrote:
> Hi:
> Is there any place that lists/discusses the new features in the gdal 1.4 
> beta.  I know Denis Nidal was working on an improved interface with 
> netcdf  (and perhaps OpeNDAP).  I am wondering if this is included.


I will prepare a NEWS file for GDAL 1.4.0 by the second beta.  It should
then appear from the NEWS link near the top of the GDAL page.

All the work Denis actually got to will be in 1.4.0.  I don't recall his
making any improvements in the OPeNDAP driver though I've encouraged him
to take ownership of it!  But he has made some improvements to netcdf since

  * Revision 1.25  2006/10/03 20:40:49  dnadeau
  * CreateCopy: Fix _fillvalue type problem and Add GDAL geotransform information
  * if input data is Geographic.
  * Delete "lat lon" coordinates in GDAL information to make it more CF-1
  * compatible.
  * Revision 1.24  2006/08/07 18:35:25  dnadeau
  * Also check if latitude is equally spaced before setting projection for lat lon
  * array case.

and I see one fix in the hdf5 code.

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