[FWTools] MrSid Support for Linux

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Dec 8 16:00:39 EST 2006

Travis Kirstine wrote:
> I'm running FWTool-1.0.7 on fedora 6 and try to read MrSid image with no
> luck (not a supported format), is there any compiled versions of FWTools
> that include MrSid support or is it possible to add MrSid support.


FWTools on linux is built with GCC 3.2.3.  I *think* if you were to build
mrsid support as a plugin for GDAL 1.4.0beta1 you should be able to use
that with FWTools 1.1.1 *but* there is no documentation nor makefile support
for building mrsid as a plugin on linux (as far as I know) so you would need
to be comfortable with hacking this.

If you would like I can try building it into FWTools 1.1.2 that should be
out in a few days.

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