[FWTools] Reading ADRG raster data

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Mon Dec 18 01:15:25 EST 2006

matthew beckett wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently began investigating the FWTool.
> I have installed it on my machine however I am unsure how to read my 
> ADRG data into the software. I am also unsure whether my ADRG data can 
> be read.
> Is it possible for someone to send me an example ADRG data with 
> instructions on what needs to be done to read it in?
> Thanks for any help in this matter


For datasets going through the OGDI library in GDAL you need to use
a somewhat esoteric name for the dataset.  For my ADRG dataset I use:


The "gltp:/adrg" portion are fixed with gltp indicating this is an OGDI
request, and adrg indicating the driver to use.  The rest is the path to
the dataset.  Note that in this case the TPUS0101 directory is below
the directory with the THF and CPH directory, and the TPUS0101 directory
includes .IMG, .QAL, .OVR and .GEN files.

Good luck!
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