[FWTools] NetCDF format

Kolberg Sjur A Sjur.A.Kolberg at sintef.no
Fri Feb 3 04:41:22 EST 2006

Dear FWtools users,
Has anyone any experience with the NetCDF format?
Question 1, regarding GDAL: The documentation says that the NetCDF
driver supports both creation and georeferencing, but doing the driver
tests mentioned in the GDAL tutorial suggests that neither Create nor
CreateCopy is supported. What is correct? (I haven't succeeded, both
functions return a NULL).
Question 2, regarding OpenEV: From a C++ program, I export a data set in
NetCDF format (using NetCDF directly, not GDAL), and try to view it in
OpenEV. The problem is that NetCDF requires that the coordinate vectors
are exactly as long as the raster dimensions, and thus that the
coordinates themselves are grid cell centers. When receiving these
coordinates, OpenEV seems to interpret both the minima and the maxima as
cell corners. Hence it shrinks all the cells by (n-1)/n in order to
reach the other side of the ranges. Is there any other netCDF variable
or attribute I can use to tell OpenEV about the true, outer boundaries
of the raster?
Qestion 3, not NetCDF at all: Is anyone in the process of writing a
driver for Idrisi data?
Best regards,
Sjur K :-)
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