[FWTools] spurious coordinates being written from PostGIS query

Brian Timoney brian at thetimoneygroup.com
Fri Feb 17 21:11:43 EST 2006


Here's a head scratcher--we're testing a Python CGI script that queries a
PostGIS database and takes the results of the query (standard lat/long
coordinates) and creates a shapefile using the OGR libraries.  No coordinate
transformations are being perfomed.

We've verified that the query produces intended results from the database

With an identical datasource and identical script, his resulting output
shapefile contains accurate coordinate information.  My output shapefile
contains whacked out spurious coordinates with numbers that end in "E+154" and

I replicated similar results by issuing a PostgreSQL-->ESRI Shapefile request
using ogr2ogr from the command line.

I'm hoping someone a lot smarter than I can shed some light on possible causes.



p.s.  For those who would suggest I use my buddy's laptop instead of my own for
client demos, thanks, but I already thought of that workaround.

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