[FWTools] OGR conversion ArcSDE to shapefile/GML

Anita Russo arusso at itos.uga.edu
Mon Feb 20 16:58:17 EST 2006



I am unable to export from SDE using ogr2ogr (I have FWTools 1.0.0a7


I've tried something similar to:


Ogr2ogr -f "ESRI Shapefile" states.shp


I know that SDE is running on the server at the specified port. I've
also tried passing a select statement  with the -select option to
specify the table (I am also unsure how to get the right layer exported)


I get the following error:


Unable to open datasource 'SDE:myserver,port:5151,myuser,mypass' with
the following drivers.


==>     ESRI Shapefile

==>     UK .NTF

==>     SDTS

==>     TIGER

==>     S57

==>     MapInfo File

==>     DGN

==>     VRT

==>     AVCBin

==>     REC

==>     Memory

==>     CSV

==>     GML

==>     SQLite

==>     ODBC

==>     PGeo

==>     OGDI

==>     PostgreSQL




TIA for any advice you might give and have a great day!



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