[FWTools] MODIS processing

Ned Horning nedh at lightlink.com
Wed Jan 4 09:21:14 EST 2006



I have some MODIS cloud images (MOD35 - a MODIS level 2 product) that I
would like to project into UTM and then do a binary AND to extract the
second and third bit and then save to GeoTIFF. I need to batch process a few
hundred images so I was thinking this would be a good project to learn to
write a python scrip in OpenEV_FW to reap some benefits from OpenEV and
GDAL. Has anyone out there done this sort of processing?


>From what I can tell gdalwarp needs an input projection but the MODIS level
2 products are georeferenced not projected (as far as I can tell) and I'm
not sure how to deal with this. I see that GDAL can apply the geolocation
information to the MODIS image when it is opened (It works in OpenEV_FW
although the GDAL documentation does not explicitly mention that
georeferencing is supported for HDF MODIS level 2 imagery) but I would like
to know how to project the georeferenced MODIS image if this is possible. 


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