[FWTools] import problems shp -> postgres using ogr2ogr

christian.michels at eifelgeist.com christian.michels at eifelgeist.com
Thu Jan 5 03:01:14 EST 2006

hi frank,

your workaround does the job !
I field a bug on that issue on your bugzilla system - thank you very much for the quick support !



>On 1/4/06, christian.michels at eifelgeist.com
><christian.michels at eifelgeist.com> wrote:
>> Since some objects could be imported I think the shp file is may be 
>corrupted ?! I do not really understand what constraint 
>"enforce_geotype_wkb_geometry" checks - Would be great if somebody could help 
>me on that !
>> By the way - I managed to import some line shp files via ogr2ogr and that 
>worked fine !
>I would appreciate it if you could file a bug on this issue.
>But I think you can workaround the issue by specifying the "-nlt GEOMETRY"
>option on the ogr2ogr commandline.
>I believe the problem is that the shapefile is identified as type POLYGON
>but has some multi-island polygons which translate as MULTIPOLYGON.
>Ogr2ogr creates the table with the geometry type polygon, but multipolygon
>is not compatible with that and as of PostGIS 1.0 geometry type is
>strictly enforced.
>The fix is for OGR's Shapefile driver to always return the
>layer type as GEOMETRY for polygon files since we can't
>know if they are all polygon, all multipolygon or a mix of
>the two.
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