[FWTools] OGDI - GLTP protocol

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed May 31 10:12:04 EDT 2006

Murphy, David wrote:
> Hello-
> Is there any decent documentation on installing & using the OGDI GLTP 
> protocol?  I’m interested in using the GDAL utilities with CADRG RPF 
> datasets via the GLTP protocol.  Do I have to perform a build of the 
> source code or can I just somehow use the binaries included with 
> FWTools.  Any info would help.


I *thought* all you would have to do is run portmap.exe in one command
shell, and gltpd.exe in another command shell on the server to make it
remotely accessable.  However, I tried it here and when I try to reach
the server's gltpd I get a debug message "unable to register the server".
So, either modern XP has some sort of security in place that is interfering
or I am missing something.

The gltpd.exe dispatcher is getting the remote request.

By the way, to see the debug output from gltpd.exe you need to set the
GLTPDLOGFILE environment variable.  Set it to any value, the log output
actually goes to stdout.

If you dig around on ogdi.sf.net or in the source for the gltpd and
portmap application you might find some hints.  You might also want
to ask about this on the ogdi-dev list which is likely more knowledgable.

I do aim to have FWTools serve as a "ready to run" OGDI server.

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