[FWTools] Dumping to wkt for a .prj file - meter vs. metre

David Fawcett david.fawcett at gmail.com
Wed Oct 25 12:38:31 EDT 2006

Yep, I understand why it might be spelled that way, I am just curious why
the 9 billion pound gorilla of GIS can't seem to speak something other than

I am curious if this was intended or if there is a standard workaround.
ogr2ogr seems to spit out .prj files that use the word 'meter'.

Here is a WKT definition generate by ogr2ogr from the same build.


By the way, OpenEv seems to recognize the units just fine....


On 10/25/06, Greg Nuspel <Greg.Nuspel at telus.net> wrote:
>  English verses American spelling issues J
>   If I edit the .prj file and replace 'metre' with 'meter', the units are
> recognized.
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