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We've been working on 'friendifying' OpenEV for use with the Protected Area
Archive (see http://asterweb.jpl.nasa.gov/paa, although note that the
screenshots on the site are from an old MapObjects Lite version of the

I realize that this may already be outdated given Marios superb work on the
GTK2 port (fingernails chewed off in anticipation of a release!), but wanted
feedback from this list on some of the changes we had introduced.

A quick summary of changes follows. Could some of these changes be
incorporated into the formal releases of the FW_Tools version of OpenEV?

Sujoy Chaudhuri
Ecollage and Fellow, CI-CABS

PS. Can send code (either seperate .py files and icon .xpms or a bundled
installer to anyone interested).

*New *

*Multiple-Language Interface*

Implements Python's class-based gettext api, so *languages can be changed
on-the-fly. *Currently offers only Spanish and Hindi translations.

you can help - will send .po files...*

*Integrated Layer Manager*

Integrated Layer Manager *available on all view windows* - can be

*TO DO:*

*            Change to TreeView in Gtk2+ port*

*            Drag-and-Drop to re-order layers*

*            Drag-and-Drop layers between views*

* Pop-up Menus*

Toggle toolbars, layer manager, access drawing tools, change the active
layer, enhance/classify active layers, save view as image or print the view,
launch application preferences and access recent files* *by *right-clicking
on the view window*

 *Line/Polygon Attributes Labeling*

*Generate labels for Polygon and Line Shapes from attributes*

*TO DO:*

*            Optimization*

 *New Vector Drawing Tools*

*Circles/Ellipses*: click-drag to draw

*TO DO:*

*            Permit resizing similar to rectangle tool*

*            Modify to generate other symmetric polygons*

*Area figures reported for circles in projected systems are crap – must fix.

*Make Arrowheads*: modify a selected line to add an arrowhead shape

*TO DO:*

*                        Provide more arrowhead styles*

*Distance and Area Measurement*

*Great-arc calculations* for lat-long and Euclidean distances for projected
coordinate systems

*TO DO:*

*Check for selected shapes: if not None, annotate line shapes with distance
and polygons with area*

*File Dialogs*

Implements *EasyDialogs* – 'friendlier' dialogs for Windows users. Separate
dialogs for *Save View as Image *and *Print View*

*Icons** *


*Menus** *

*New Menu layout*, sorts available functions into File, Edit, Layers, Draw,
Image, View and Help

*Toolbars** *

All *drawing tools* (point, line, rectangle, polygon, circle and label) are
available *on main Iconbar*

*Link Views *appears on main Iconbar. Ghost-cursor mode activated by default

*Vector editing tools* (node edit, resize, point, line or polygon-edge
color, polygon fill color, symbol style and arrowheads) are *available on
the main view window* and can be *toggled *on/off

*Enhancement Tools* are provided as a toggle-able toolset. *Tools are
grayed-out *if active layer is not a raster

*Misc. Tools* (point query, legend and classify layer) are provided as a
toggle-able toolset

Icons for *Plug-in Tools* (from the TOOLS directory) are placed onto a
separate, toggle-able toolbar

*Label** **Tool*

'Friendlier' interface – *no <enter> key-press required*

*TO DO:*

*Allow label editing*
*Tools *

*Open Collections*

Simple interface to *ASTERWEB's FREE Collections* of RGB composites of near
cloud-free * data across 3 decades*: from the 1970s (LANDSAT MSS) to the
mid-nineties (LANDSAT TM5) and post-2000 (LANDSAT ETM+ and ASTER). Images
from each epoch can be opened in separate epoch-based views to permit *change
comparison using Linked Views *or in a single '*Flicker View*' that permits
rapid switching between different images.**

*TO DO:*

*Modify script to handle any collection of images*

*Merge Images*

Simple interface (using gdal_merge) allows for *merging images* open in the
active view. Save output in various formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF)

*Points Plotter**                     *

Simple GUI to allow translation of plain text files to shape files (using

Simple entry form for data entry of lat-long/x-y coordinates and attribute

*Image Classification** *

Implements two *unsupervised ISOCLUSTER* (including an accelerated k-means
algorithm) and *supervised MAXLIK* procedures

*Profile Plot *

Draw *spectral profiles* (multi-band images supported) across a raster and
save graphical plot outputs

*Correction (Flood-fill)*

*Flood-fill* areas with user-defined values: useful for correcting
misclassified pixels
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