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Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Wed Sep 27 10:26:29 EDT 2006

ilanza at ceis.cujae.edu.cu wrote:
> Hello friends! I starting to make a desktop GIS aplication in java, and I want
> to connect to a Web Map Server, and make the standar function for map handling.
>  I am new using FWTools, what can I do with it?
> How can I use FWTools in a java project?? 
> Please, i will waiting for your answer. Thanks
> Indira


FWTools does not include any Java bindings for mapserver, GDAL or other
projects.  However, some of these projects do have Java bindings (just
not distributed as part of FWTools).  So you may find that FWTools is not
a good base for Java based development.

One thing you might want to look at, if you are interested in using remote
WMS services, is the Geotools library (http://www.geotools.org).  It is
a Java library that I believe includes classes for accessing various kinds of
remote OGC services.

You might also want to look at uDig, an open source Java desktop application
built on Geotools, and that includes support for remote WMS, and WFS services.

At a lower level, it is possible to invoke MapServer capabilities via
Java MapScript, but this is really aimed at building server side Java
mapping applications, not client side ones so it may not be so appropriate
for your use.

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