[FWTools] Layer Manager and signals to determine the active view window

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Thu Sep 28 20:33:25 EDT 2006


I've been working on integrating OpenEV's layer manager into a 'main'
viewwindow but it doesn't quite work the way it should - and I noticed the
same behavior with the original layer manager. If more than one view is
open, ALT+TABbing between windows does not refresh the layer list or its
event behaviors to match the newly focused window (visibility, launch
properties etc will still work for layers on the 'old' window) unless the
option menu on the layer manager is used. Clicking on the 'new' viewarea
however, does refresh the list. 

Is there some way in which window focus can be trapped and connected to
update_layers? I tried using print statements with the gviewapp
view_manager.get_active_view_window() call, but even after ALT+TABbing,
traceback indicates the 'old' view as active - what am I doing wrong?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Sujoy Chaudhuri


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