[FWTools] mapscript saveToString crashes

Tod Haren ke7fxl at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 04:35:56 EST 2007

Some scripts I was working on prior to upgrading to 1.4.2 now bomb
with saveToString.  The same is true for 2.0.0.

This simple script works fine with 1.3.7 but not now:

import mapscript as ms
mo = ms.mapObj()
mo.width = 200
mo.height = 200
im = mo.draw()
s = im.saveToString()

I use this method to pipe my maps into Tkinter via PIL with StringIO
to avoid writing to disk.  If there is a work around could someone
enlighten me?

Python crashes without warning.  Is it just me or can someone confirm
this?  I haven't tested any other python installations.

The windows dump report is pointing to bdg.dll (which is in the bin
folder) as the culprit, but the file mod date is the same for all my
versions of fwtools.



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