[FWTools] Ascii to S57

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Dec 21 11:11:48 EST 2007

Wiggins Ching wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there any way to create S57 (*.000) files from Ascii files using FW 
> Tools?
> For example, I have some coordinate data, I would like to make them into 
> S57 format. Thanks!


Effectively no, it is not possible.

I did once write a small program for writing an S-57 file with nothing but
SOUNDG features from a point dataset and could try to find that if that
specifically is what you want to do.  Put producing properly structured
S-57/ENC datasets is hard for any sort of general case.  OGR can produce the
files, but to do so properly it requires the input in a *very* structured form.

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