[FWTools] dstnodata and cubic convolution

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at pobox.com
Fri Feb 2 17:37:30 EST 2007

Wim Chalmet wrote:
> Hi Frank,
> This does work a little better. There are less pixels that have 0 value, but
> there still are some. The goal would be not to have any pixels with a number
> higher than 0 become 0.
> Is there any other way this can be done with gdalwarp?


My idea of using -dstalpha wasn't intended to get rid of zeros, it was intended
to let you distinguish nodata from non-nodata.  So you could, for instance,
write a postprocessing script that would set all zeros to ones if they are
in alpha=255 pixels or something like that if you really need zeros-for-nodata
as a final output.

But otherwise, no, there is no way to make gdalwarp do exactly what you
want directly.

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