[FWTools] Does gdal_translate support writing kml files from geotifs?

Simon J. Hook simon.j.hook at jpl.nasa.gov
Thu Feb 8 17:01:45 EST 2007

Hi Roger,

We have lots (1000's) of ASTER satellite images we want to overlay on 
Google Earth (there is a link to the ASTER satellite instrument with my 
name info below, ASTER images have 15 m pixels and are 60km x 60 km). We 
process the ASTER images ourselves and generate geotifs. We use GDAL to 
generate geo jpgs and it would be great if we could easily generate kml 
files to overlay on Google Earth and even better if this was part of 

I can install python 2.4,  I was using the 2.35 version of Enthon. I am 
not sure how things work with FWtools if I have python 2.35 (or 4) 
installed and FWtools with its own python 2.3 installed. In order to the 
stuff running I had to do the setup under FWtools so it sounds like I 
cannot mix and match with superoverlay running under 2.4 and fwtools 
(and gdal) under 2.35? Our group are mainly Windows rather than Linux so 
we are looking for a Windows solution.

Perhaps if Frank could let us know if there are plans for FWtools with 
Python 2.4 that would help? If there is a 2.4 version coming out it may 
be best to wait! Depending on what Frank says we can follow-up off the list.

Best wishes,


p.s. The ASTER images are spectacular! I can provide you with some hand 
generated example KML files if that helps.

Roger Andre wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> Getting the regionator to work with the FWTools implementation of GDAL
> can be problematic.  Some of the Python code it uses has Python 2.4
> dependencies, which necessitate a great deal of hacking in both the
> regionator and FWTools to overcome.  The easiest way I have found to use
> the regionator is on a Debian Linux system, with the python-gdal package
> installed.  I have had a great deal of success using it in this fashion,
> and it should not conflict with your previous FWTools installation.
> It would be helpful to have at least a general sense of what you are
> trying to do.  The superoverlay.py tool in the regionator is very useful
> for generating large, region-based KML "superoverlays" that can be
> loaded in Google Earth.  This allows you to display an orthophoto
> mosaic, or large DRG, which would otherwise exceed the client's maximum
> overlay size.  
> I'd be happy to continue this conversation with you off-line, if you
> feel that the topic is inappropriate for this list.
> Regards,
> Roger

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